A very big welcome and Hello to my lovely Dearies, time fly really fast, the picture on the left should be around a year plus ago. The recent picture on the right is the me now~

I am Qoqo, you can call me QQ too. I found my name because of my favorite white grape juice drink, it was named "QOO". Simplicity is what I seek for so I like to keep my name short.

Cute, Girly, & Simple Styles are my favorites for almost everything I like or I do. Never feel too old for cute and girly stuffs, they really brighten my heart happily. I am in my late 20s, living in Singapore. 

For my hairstyle, it's mostly bangs I am very used to it and matches with any of my favorite Hairbands, off I go~ My natural hair is quite natural curl and frizzy so I will visit the salon to do Rebonding, means straighten my hair, it can last me about 6-8months. 

About my skin, I have super sensitive skin plus living in Singapore is an All-Year round Hot country, so it is more hard to maintain my skin. I can't use several products, it will breakout anytime. I have to be more careful for my skin, right now I am undergoing medicine from my Dermatologist and applying his prescribed cream/lotion for my skin, hope it goes well and by then if I recovered, I will blog about the skin clinic.

Why I start blogging?
All because of circle lenses, if you remembered I did have a blogshop before selling pre-ordered Korean circle lenses. I start to realize the importance of a clear circle lens design picture, also a person wearing lens on picture. It was really hard at that time, I don't even know how to edit a picture, and had a super hard time figuring out how to use blogger.

From a really duno, to someone now I learned so many stuffs and fell in love with photography. I still got so much to learn, I treat food like accessories when I am taking them. Also fell in love with blogging and I really love to share the things I love and do to u~ 

What do I blog about?
I am in love with circle lenses, food reviews, nails, beauty "will start to search for only sensitive skin products to review after my skin is recovered", my life, simple fashion infuture I hope. Etc~

*Every precious comment gives me more love and encouragement to continue more of my journey. Love all my darling readers, friendly bloggers and blog friends all over the world, I wish all of my lovely dearies out there all the best no matter what you do~ 

With Love