Rise Restaurant Buffet Marina Bay Sands

Come have a tour with me at the newly re-renovated refreshed tremendous Rise Restaurant presenting the most lavish International Buffet spread at Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands.

I have always wanted to visit Rise's Buffet for a very long time and gladly I came now. The Buffet spread was humongous I did missed a couple of stations while picture taking.

Look at the bread station... I just feel like eating but I have to skip them in order to try other delicacies. 

Know me well enough? Salads will always be my first grab at any buffet, it's my own tummy-strategy not applicable to everyone don't learn from me. 

I love how they already prepared the salads with shrimps, they were really refresh and light. There were also drink station, well in my opinion not fresh fruit juice but they're good enough. 

The highlight at the Seafood area was their Fresh oysters... They were fresh, big and sweet, how long have I never enjoyed such fresh oysters for quite some time at a lot of buffets.

Forget about the lobster tails, they were chopped into a few pieces and not that fresh.

Not being over exaggerating, but the Salmon Sashimi was very fresh and they also have yellow tail, Hamachi Sashimi which were decent and the sushi was not that great don't eat too much of it.

Laksa was average and the carrot cake was savoury.

I like the Indian food station which I hardly reach to most of the time, they were well presented. 

Chili Crab was at the "Chinese food station which I missed taking pictures of it", the crab was huge and quite decent.

The cooked salmon at the western station was amazingly delicious, it just melts in your mouth in a few seconds. 

My favorite was their Peanut Butter Bread and Pudding, peanut butter just adds another sensational touch.

The unavoidable fascinating chocolate fondue flowing down smoothly where your eyes stays on for a moment with it thinking which fruit are you picking to bathe in.

Desserts were just average, but looking at the neat & cute displays makes me happy to try them all even though I was already full. Not forgetting, I got another stomach for just desserts.

Overall, I will highly recommend Rise Buffet to everyone. Worth the money for such a huge buffet spread, the place was also very big and you need to walk further burn some calories to get your food. If you are bringing elderly, request to sit nearer to the buffet spread.

Service was averagely good, I went on last Saturday for dinner and I will come back again to try other themes. Personally, Rise has been one of my top favorites it even defeated Melt Café in my opinion.

Special Menu featured by Rise, Themed-nights:
Monday - Balik Kampung
Tuesday - Seafood nights
Wednesday – American Feast
Thursday – Backyard Barbecue
Friday – European Classics
Saturday – Singaporean Favourites
Sunday – Treasures of China
**Information from Rise email while making reservation.

Lunch Buffet 
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Sun to Thu
$56 SGD per adult | $25 SGD per child
Fri & Sat
$62 SGD per adult | $25 SGD per child

Dinner Buffet
6:00pm - 10:30pm
Sun to Thu
$72 per SGD adult | $38 SGD per child
Fri & Sat
$80 per SGD adult | $38 SGD per child

*No charge for children under 5 years.

Rise Restaurant 
10 Bayfront Avenue
Hotel Lobby, Tower 1
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688 5525
Email: Rise@MarinaBaySands.com
Website: http://www.marinabaysands.com/restaurants/buffet/rise.html
**For more accurate information please check their website or contact them.


133 Penang Authentic Char Kway Teow

Carrot cake cravings not enough? Get a plate of 133 Penang Authentic Char Kway Teow to add up more of a flying kick. The decent plate of Penang style Char Kway Teow was pretty authentic but I personally prefer the Singaporean style and I am a more of a "Dark Soya Sauce" person.  

The amount of beansprouts were generously added in and nice amount of other ingredients. It was also a good plate of everything and you can taste the wok-flavor in it.

Price for Char Kway Teow 
SG$4 or SG$6   

133 Penang Authentic
Stall #02-193  
Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre 
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road 
Singapore 588172

Open Daily except Wednesdays 
9.00am - 3pm / 6.00pm - 9.30pm

Website: http://penangauthentic.blogspot.sg/

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Lady M Orchard Central Singapore

My love for the world-famous Mille Crêpe cakes to Lady M has been undeniable just like they cast a spell on me, I will crave after some time even though I have them uncountable times.

I haven't flew to New York in my life yet to have the best New York Cheese Cake in the world but Lady M's Gâteau Nuage (Cheesecake) already owns a very big position in my heart, they just taste so smooth and light with a thin layer of sweetened sour cream on top.

Can't get enough of their Mille Crêpe cakes too, having every mouth I can feel the no less than 20 paper thin layering hardwork to build the Mille Crêpe cakes. If you love Green Tea you can never miss Lady M's Green Tea Mille Crêpes in your life!

Highly recommend to you guys my new favorite the Caramel Miroir, if you love caramel which is not too over sweetening this may be a good try. Don't be surprised by it's smoky taste, it compliments so well with the caramel together with the chocolate mousse & chocolate sponge cake.

Lady M Boutique (Orchard Central)
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
#01-27 & #02-07 
Singapore 238896

**Entrance queue from 2nd Level.

Phone: +65 6509 3673
Email: cs@ladym.com.sg

**More accurate information please check Lady M Singapore website.


Brasserie Les Saveurs Afternoon Tea St. Regis Singapore

Pamper yourself a day for a luxurious Afternoon Tea at The St. Regis's Brasserie Les Saveurs especially to celebrate birthday or the special touch of once-a-year Singapore's National Day theme deco.
[Brasserie Les Saveurs "The Grand Astor Afternoon Tea" 3-Tiered Stand]
1st Tier (Sweet Delights)
Raspberry Tart
Mocha Éclairs
Homemade Chocolate Praline
Crème Caramel with Orange Compote

2nd Tier (Savoury Treats)
Duck Foie Gras 'Profiteroles'
Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Quiche

3rd Tier (Classic Finger Sandwiches)
Smoked Salmon
Egg and Mayonnaise
Tomato, Cucumber and Cream Cheese

The 1st Tier Sweet Delights, personally for this plate I like Raspberry Tart more than others because maybe I am a pie/tart person. Honestly, most customers grab the buffet section more than the three-tiered stand which everyone were entitled on their table.

The high ceiling crystal chandeliers glitters the entire restaurant and creates enduring elegance.

The section for dessert.

Besides Singapore flags were placed at the tables they were also used as decos at the dessert buffet area, not forgetting the cute little Singapore flag chocolates.

Pastries/Savoury Buffet Section including scones, pastry puffs, bread smoked salmon and sushi.

Sushi can be improved because the sushi rice were not well-cooked, pretty dry and hard. If the rice were cooked slightly softer it will be way much better because the Sushi rice vinegar was seasoned just right.

The savoury crepes with melted cheese & ham was the best, simple and delicious.

Each person will also be entitle one Prawn, Lobster And Tarragon Cup Pie "Hot" which was one of the best treats as well.

The Chendol dessert was good too and the cube-sized fruits were neatly placed in each glass cup.

I was surprised that the staff brought my friend a bigger than usual complimentary birthday cake which you seen at other buffet restaurants which they only give a small slice of it.

Very generous of Brasserie Les Saveurs for the perfect arrangement bringing the cake together paired up with the Pianist playing the Birthday Song to my friend Sharon, definitely left a memorable birthday surprise for her.

Given the sterling service with buffet bar to enjoy together with the three-tiered stand I really think the price is quite "quantity worth it", though the food taste were not the best. Do you know most Afternoon Tea at other hotels only offers three-tiers and unlimited refillable scones with the similar price?

I am also aware that Japanese likes Dim Sum and they are also dessert lovers, a couple tables beside me were Japanese. I will bring any of my friends here to really chat and enjoy freely at the buffet bar.

Brasserie Les Saveurs Afternoon Tea
Mondays to Fridays
3pm to 5pm SGD49++ per person

3pm to 5pm SGD53++ per person

4pm to 6pm SGD53++ per person

Children (Age 4-12 years old)
SGD24++ on weekdays
SGD29++ on weekends

**Three-tiered served
**Savoury/Pastries/Dessert Buffet Section
***Check out Brasserie Les Saveurs website for more accurate information.

Brasserie Les Saveurs
The St. Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road
Lobby Level
Singapore 247911

Tel: +65 65066860

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Antoinette La Rose

Antoinette's La Rose is the most eye catching and beautiful cake I ever seen, it's been so long I always missed the opportunity to try La Rose because it was always sold out and that exquisite till no girls can reject the rose.

You would not believe how hard to come across La Rose, I was "envily" staring at a table of girls photobombing the La Rose on their table and I happily thought "Oh yes, there might be a chance of getting a La Rose", but with just another disappointment response from the staff, "Sorry La Rose has sold out, the table of girls photobombing the La Rose was the last one". How sad I was but luckily I tried their new cakes and enjoyed it, how dramatic...

Nevertheless, I try to go Antoinette earlier this time and I really got hold of it. The La Rose ultimately placed in front of me and I couldn't dominate myself from taking photos of it ceaselessly...

The La Rose is made of grand cru chocolate mousse, exotic caramel, almond nougatine, cocoa sponge, grand marnier, dark chocolate Chantilly.

Too pretty to be eaten, but it was only alright compared to the signature Antoinette which I preferred. I hope I don't make you guys think I am over-reacting over the reddest rose. 

Even though I had the Signature Antoinette numerous of times, it still tasted good as ever before.

Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery 
333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery  
#02-33/34 Singapore 238897

Operating Hours
11am to 10pm daily  (Last order - 9.30pm)    

*They do not take reservations at this outlet.

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He Zhong Carrot Cake

Whenever I have the white carrot cake cravings, I will crave for He Zhong Carrot Cake. He Zhong Carrot Cake was actually my childhood favorite local food, my primary school was just beside the Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. It may be some people's favorites and some people's dislikes but they are one of my favorites.

I just love the generous amount of eggs nicely pan-fried dry with the carrot cake, the amount of seasoned turnips were distributed perfectly right. Some people prefer more seasoned turnips but I personally don't like the food to taste over-salty which over power the original taste.

They are consider a lighter version of white carrot cake, less-greasy in my opinion, if you prefer heavier (oilier/saltier) then it will not suit your taste.


Stall #02-185 
Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172

Opening Hours
 Daily: 07.00 am - 10.00 pm


PS Cafe Truffle Fries

No doubt of one of my favorite Truffle Fries at PS Cafe, I always visit more often at PS Cafe Paragon branch. The most dislike branch was at PS Cafe's Palais Renaissance and I suggest don't go that branch unless you have reservation. I was standing infront at the counter while the staffs treated me transparent while queuing and waiting for quite some time.   

Not to lie, I was craving for Truffle Fries on that day, and not giving up I traveled to PS Cafe's Paragon branch to try my luck during the busiest weekend dinner hour... And Paragon's branch was the best even though they were so busy serving "full-house of customers" they still managed to get me a table less than 15mins without any reservation needed.  

PS Cafe's Truffle Fries has always been one of my favorite spot to fulfill my cravings, because like I say always thin cut fries completely marries well with truffle oil perfectly. I am a real potato maniac size of fries doesn't matter, just to be more particular when it comes to matchy-match.

Found myself a salad I really like, the "Superfood". The goodness ingredients tossed in an orange rosemary dressing together were blueberries, roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, goji, baked pumpkin, quinoa, broccoli, baby spinach & romaine lettuce.  

I can't stop munching all the light fresh veges and the nicely baked pumpkin.  

PS Cafe Pragaon 
Paragon S.C 
290 Orchard Road  
Level 3  
Singapore 238859   

Telephone / SMS: (+65) 9297 7008  
Website: https://www.pscafe.com/    

**Please note that they do not take reservations for weekend brunch 
**Check their website for menu and more accurate information