LoveMore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

A luxury ingredient, Caviar extract in the amazing LoveMore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask sponsored by Secretive.sg!~ Also it has the Best Fitting Japan Soft Mask, with 0.02mm featherly soft mask, with skin-friendly ergonomic cut to have a better fit on your skin! ^_^
I know nothing to do with food today but I love to eat Caviar.. =X

Back of the mask box.

Click in if you want to take a closer look of the side descriptions of the box. ^^

LoveMore brand since 2009.

The manufactured date and expiry date.

Looks really cute like an envelop~

Here's the back of the Mask Sheet, I used flash-light to take the picture because the wordings are in gold color and I have difficulties to take clearly with normal/sunlight as it's too bright. Click in for closer view =)

5 in a Box. ^^

I'm a bit sick today so I can't put BB cream or any powder on my face to try on the mask later, but there's still some eyeliner, mascara & lipgloss. >_<

Open up the mask, here's how it looks inside. Super moisturized and it smells not caviar~ =X Quite a soothing very light scent.

The plastic mask separate sheet with the 0.02mm thin featherly soft mask.

  Here's the shape of the mask.

Look how thin the mask is and it's quite translucent till you can see my fingers and the texture is very soft. =)

Opps and have to remove my eyeliner this time, and yep I look very stress and tired today plus I'm sick. >_< Time to put on the mask~ ^^

How I feel about the Mask?
First thing I feel about the mask is it's very cooling and my skin was relaxed immediately after putting on my face. It is also very easy to put on because it's so thin and soft.

How long to remove the Mask?
About 15-20mins.

Results of the Mask?
My skin is smoother and I feel my face was tighter too. Not only that I felt super cooling after all the essence absorbed into my skin. =)

Does this masks suits everyone?
It's suitable for most people unless if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients or you are having irritated skin. For normal skin you can use any time you want ^^
Fights against aging and regains youthful skin~

How many times I Can use it a week?
About 2-3times a week, you can rotate other flavors/whitening masks too. =)
Give your face pampering at least once a week and you will have a more radiant skin.

So many pampering effects for the masks series from France, South Pacific & Mediterranean~

Original: SG$2.00

Price: SG$8.90

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Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

This is a very special new Sexylook mask that I am going to review~ Sponsored by Secretive.sg ^^

Special how special? It's a black cotton mask!~ I love watching "NuRenWoZuiDa", 女人我最大, Taiwan's popular show featuring about beauty,fashion, health etc. On 14th June's Show they introduced the Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask! I was super interested and not long ago Secretive.sg starts bringing in the masks~ I am so excited about the Black Cotton Mask~ =D
Back of the Mask.

Opened up~ Looks like Sea weed isn't it? =X

The Shape of the Mask. =)

Closer look of the mask texture quality, well-moisturized and the cotton is very soft too.

Hehe... Can you see the soft toy? The soft toy is from an old online RPG game Ragnarok, this cute monster is call Poring I think~ Ok Hug any pillow or rest after you put the mask ^^ Wait for 15 ~ 20 mins.

How I feel about the Mask?
Very well-moisturized, the mask texture is soft and cool because it's in black. =X 
Great to feel that my skin is not irritated and love the light flowery scent of the mask.

How long to remove the Mask?
About 15-20mins.

Results of the Mask?
I thought it was a Moisturizing Mask but the effects are more than that, my skin goes fairer!! Because the Natural Obsidian extracts with Activated Carbon-infused pure Cotton Mask helps detox and clarify skin. This mask helps to achieve even better results if you use it first for detox cleansing, after you have restored great moisturizing effects, then you can use whitening masks/products to have fairer skin.

Does this masks suits everyone?
It's suitable for most people unless if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients or you are having irritated skin.

Here's the short youtube video clip of 14th June 2012 Show, introducing the Mask.

They only place 1 side of her face. 

Original: SG$3.50
Now: SG$2.00

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Beuberry Momo Black

Yes another Black Circle lens, I may try on larger size next time ^^
As my eyes are super puffy like goldfish and has more white area, so I guess my eyes can hold super huge diameter of circle lenses and it still looks quite normal, ok except the special effect black sclera lenses which can cover your whole eyes~ =X
The Beuberry Momo Black were purchased from Uniqso quite long ago and I have been wearing for more than 3 months, still wearing. We all love Uniqso, they have almost all the huge diameter circle lenses designs that you & I want~ :)

The Beuberry lens vial bottles are so cute and tiny. =D

Purchase from: Uniqso.com 
Manufacturer: SUNnBON
Model: Beuberry Momo
Color: Black
Diameter: 16.0mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

with Flash Light.

Thinking~ :P

Lens Design
Black circle lenses are almost all the same, once you wear it, it's still black~ =X

4.5 / 5
The diameter is 16.0mm and the enlargement effect is really huge... If you like enlarge black circle lenses larger than 15mm, you can go for any 16mm-16.2mm~ <3

Comfort Level
The Beuberry Momo Black are very comfortable for my eyes, I can wear long hours max 8hrs. Black circle lenses are still dyed color lenses so it is not advisable to wear more than 8hrs, always remember eye drops in your bag~ 

Black lenses are natural for anytime, any occasion, anywhere wearing it. They are one of my must use lenses for work or going church. =D For other eye color you can search at Uniqso ^^