GEO WI-A20 Xtra Magic Circle Lens

This is crazy and totally suits me!! I don't mind bigger than 15mm Black circle lens! hehe.... Tried out GEO new Xtra Magic Circle Lens WI-A20, incredible large... I believe for normal ppl when they wear it will absolutely look bigger alot than me, my eyes are puffy eyes type. But so dam love it! See how big they are~ Might look scary :X

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GEO WT-B42 Blue

This GEO Xtra WT-B42 Blue looks really big for blue lenses, they're wonderful and cartoonish... It will be more awesome if I got a blonde wig!!

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GEO Diamond WT-B37 Pink

GEO Xtra Diamond Pink! Model: WT-B37 15mm!!
Well it looked like Darker Version of Super Nudy Pink but there's Diamond Pattern Designs on it!

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GEO Super Nudy Grey XCH-625

Found this picture taken last year end, I'm wearing GEO Super Nudy Grey, Model XCH-625. The picture is taken by my old HTC Diamond Touch phone! Spoiled now and replace to iPhone 4. The GEO Super Nudy Grey Lens looks quite natural, nudy always gives enhancement for your eyes like teary effect Lolz...

Click the link for more detail Update Review: http://q00q00.blogspot.com/2011/08/geo-super-nudy-grey-from-gmarket.html 

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