ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell at Nutritionpark.com

Hello all my darlings, I have been very Emo this September. Too much emotions going on. =(

Recently, my motivation has come back so I've decided to head to the Gym when I am free to do some exercises. If not getting fatter haha... 

I also tried not to take too much food that contain Carbohydrates, been taking more meat, chicken breasts, fish and vegetables/fruits. Taking less oil food plus exercises really helps not only losing or maintaining weight and also I can feel my skin is improving, not too much pimples now. =)

When I was exercising at the Gym at nearby, I realized the weight lifting area were always occupied, so it's really hard to get a Dumb Bell and use.

Last night, I googled Dumb Bell online and decided to try out purchasing from NutritionPark for 1KG and 5KG Dumb Bells. 
ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell 1KG was SG$5.95
ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell 5KG was SG$21.40

Total I spent SG$39.30, the delivery charge to my house was SG$6.00
And I received the next day!! Super awesome ^^
I think it's pretty worth it, unless you prefer Self-Collection then you can go down to their location at 
48 Hillview Terrace, Hillview Building, #05-03, Singapore 669269.

I won't want to carry a total of 7kg back home, and if you drive there petrol counts too. Taxi there and back home it's far more expensive than SG$6.00 delivery charges.

They also deliver overseas with higher charges.

They only have Red for the 1KG Dumb Bell, I choose ZANFIT Vinyl Dumbbell because it's only for myself at home and I don't think I need to spend more on ZANFIT Starlite Pro-Grade Hex Rubber Dumbbell 1KG, it cost SG$9.90 but own preferences :-)

I do not have much strength for my arms/hands so I will just try 1KG first ^^
Just nice I got Red Nails to match Lolx... I love Red Nail Polishes =D

I bought only one 5KG Dumb Bell because I was taught doing an exercise I find it useful for my body from my previous Instructor.

Too heavy to carry with 1 hand, I usually carry it with both of my hands.

When I opened the package there's a Free Gift of 1 Dietary Supplement.

Everyone must stay healthy, eat healthy and most importantly stay happy! =)
My Emo for the entire month has helped me to fasten up myself, instead of being so Emo I quickly changed my Emo Mode to exercise! It helps alot... ^^

Drink more water hehe~

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  1. Awww~ Sorry to hear that you were feeling emo last month. Whatever it is, I hope the exercising and healthy eating habits will help you overcome those emotions =)

  2. ahww I hope you feel beter now! :O

    And good idea :) i always want to exercise more, but i never have the time D:

  3. same here, I was being emo too last week =/ but u're right. It's important to stay happy and healthy by exercising =D I think it's time to take my 1 kg dumb bell out from my old dusty stash xD~~~

  4. Super healthy of you and the 1kg dumb bell is seriously inexpensive o.O

  5. @PopBlush: Thanks Babe, I feel better after the exercise everytime. :)

    @Lita: Yes Babe, Thank you I feel much better now hehe.... Hope u have time to exercise when you are free :)

    @Lina Kim: Haha dear awesome you have 1 kg dumb bell too :X
    Let's stay happy and healthy always =)

    @Blair: Hee hee ya Hunnie, it's really quite cheap =p

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