The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)

TCC, The Connoisseur Concerto, it's a nice ambiance Cafe that can be seen in Singapore located in various places. Whenever I feel tired and my legs are unable to walk, I will visit TCC for a drink and some food.

Usually, I will enjoy the drinks, finger food and cakes at TCC. But today me and Jessica decided to try out the Pasta there, after we ordered then realized there's a 1 for 1 Pasta Promotion. The waitress told us the Promotion will end around End of July.

This TCC branch located at Somerset, many people will definitely walk pass. 

Outside just opposite is Orchard Central =)

I love the Mirror, so you can see me in the reflection <3
I don't like the picture there -->

The interior decoration was fairly pretty and comfortable.

I saw the drink was pretty on the Menu so yes, you're the one!
Beside that you can see my iPhone, cover is definitely Hellokitty with blink blink ^^

I find that Jessica loves Pastas especially Seafood! She missed Pastamania's Seafood Miso Pasta but they have taken off the dish.

Well as for me, I will surely go for anything creamy, cheesy and more flavored! I prefer my pasta to be thick always than choosing Spaghetti long and thin. But our favorites was always Linguine, they have no Linguine. =(

Cute? On the Tissue Serviettes.

The Drink was pretty =)
Jessica using my iPhone to take <3

The Prawns and Scallop were very fresh and chewy... But the taste of the Spaghetti too blend. 

Here comes my Smoked Halibut Tagliatelle, the flavor was very strong I love it <3
Suits my taste too, Jessica tried and helped me to eat some because I can't finish. Creamy Pastas always very filling and looks more. There are lots of mushrooms in it yummy! 

I choose the cake because of White chocolate. =D
Yummy love it <3

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  1. Yuuum, I love pasta and cakes! Your halibut dish looks very appetizing btw haha~ I must drop by TCC the next time I visit SG

  2. Haha Hun <3

    I love all creamy + cheezy stuffs~
    Do drop by :D

  3. OMG your drink looks amazing ♥♥ and I want to try that caaakeee~

  4. Hehe Babe,
    The drink is really pretty =)

    Taste is sweet & sour + some gas

    The cake will melt in your mouth >_<~

  5. yummy! that cake looooks great ♥

  6. Oh man-- your Tagliatelle has my mouth watering. @_@ I think I might try and cook pasta with salmon tomorrow. Then, I can pretend I have a meal as good as your meal from TCC. ; - ; Haha.

    Anyway, I really like the interior decoration: mirrors are easy to over-use, but TCC seems to have just the correct amount of mirrors. <3 Makes the restaurant look spacious.

    Aw man-- you make me wanna' visit SG and go to all these amazing places.

    P.S. The little message on the serviettes is cute. :3 Actually... it reminds me of V's monologue in 'V for Vendetta'. xD

  7. @Linh: Hee Babe yes the cake is yummy <3

    @Noxin: Hun I feel like you are talking to me on your video. Haha :X

    Awesome, you should cook it and maybe take some pictures or maybe video. =p

    "How to cook delicious and pretty Salmon Pasta" <3

    Do visit SG next time hee <3

    We can go TCC~

  8. muito linda essa fotos parabéns

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