q0q0's February Korea Trip 1

Hope you all enjoy my short + rushing Korea Trip :)
I regretted I did not take enough pictures when I was in Korea, my camera's battery is not working well when it turns too cold the battery goes dead Lolz...
That's the sleepy Face I got, was too excited and did not sleep last night. Korean Asiana Air Stewardess behind me hehe... I think I was wearing GEO XDV-200 Super Magic Circle Lens Black. I think Mika was wearing GEO XCH-625 Super Nudy Grey, haha after for quite some time I still remember those model codes of GEO Lenses. 

When flying long hours on the plane it's safer to remove your contact lens, I have to remove them because it was very super dry & uncomfortable, plus I got not enough sleep and my eyes are hurting. Sleeping on the plane was also impossible. :(

Both of us have to remove our lens and ya wear our specs. And Yay we arrived at Korea Incheon Airport.

Most pictures I did not retouch only added "q00q00.blogspot.com". 
First Location straight we went Mount Sorak National Park, it was super cold I never went to such cold weather countries before, the coldest was some years ago in Japan, Tokyo, Winter. 

Our luggage was in our Tour Bus so I was only able to grab this fury Uniqlo White Jacket, the scarf was my Mom's. Freaking COLD~~  

This was the best Dukbboki(Korea Rice Cake with Fish Cake+Chilli Paste etc) I ate in Korea at Mount Sorak National Park. Delicious! Suits my taste and the Rice Cake is very "Q"!

Our first Meal at Korea, where is it? I really don't know where the tour guide just brought us here and dig in our "Early Lunch". It was pretty blend. And next time I will eat what I want to eat. The Tour Travel Agency does not provide very good food. =X

This place was hidden in some building, inside was very dark. But such cold weather drink hot pot soup 1 word to describe, "SHIOK" if you try to pronounce it hehe sounds SHIOK and Funny...

Random Shot taken while our vehicle pass by. I can't understand so sad, but I want to learn Korean Language infuture because I love Korea so much! The language, the music, the celebrities, the dramas and the food! Of coz the people there and also fashion.

Without all the street signs, this shot looks like other country too.

We came here for a short break after travelling some time.

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  1. Ah, I so wanna go to Korea one day as well. The jacket you wear looks SUPER similar to mine, but mine is by ROXY. lol

  2. Hun really?
    I wanna go Korea again =X

    Was browsing a great deal by ChanBrothers Travel Agency Shopping Package, 6D4N!

    Aw should go during around this period more to shop~


    It's not enough I want to go their amusement parks again so fun =X

  3. It will be more fun if anyone we know knew Korean language =X

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