My New Basic Skincare Routine

Recently, I just found a super suitable Skincare Products for my very sensitive Skin.
I finally found it! Yay I've got many problems of  trying out new Skincare Products, I am super afraid of what if I get Break-Out of itchy red spots again!

Before I start using Avene. My Skin there's skin peeling off because it is too dry but my inner skin is oily, so it's terrible! Imagine I got lots of oily clogged pores and skin peeling off I really don't know what to do.
This was caused by using Neutrogena ENERGIZING Foaming Cleanser for Long Term. I always thought Neutrogena Products are for Sensitive Skin but I am wrong.

Sadly I've been using it for a few years and I dare not to change, I thought that it does not causes me to have serious Break-Out so I continued for a long time. For any Facial Cleanser I do not want to try on any Japan or Korean products because they are not suitable for my skin.

The Cleanser Foam is pretty Soapy, I got the wrong concept of Cleaner, I always thought more Soapy is cleaner for my skin. =X
I am not saying that this product can't be used but it's just not suitable for my super sensitive skin.

Avene! I finally found you! I just start using it for about 2weeks+.
It was actually introduced by my Doctor Dr Loke, he's a Specialist for Skin. I got very serious Break-Out before when I was about teenager age.

How Serious was my Break-Out?
You can never believe it super serious till I do not dare to go out. My mommy was also worried about my face so we decided to bring me to see Dr Loke, during that time he was at Peace Centre but I think he changed his clinic when I was doing some research on google.

My mommy was having some skin problems too, I remembered that time we just moved new house and she got skin problems from painting the walls. So we consult Dr Loke together.

Besides about teenage age quite a lot people will encounter Break-Outs, mine was more serious because I put make up with unknown knowledge of cosmetic products and how to remove Make-up in a proper way.

I believe Dr Loke gave mostly same kinda pills called "Oratane", it do helps I recovered after eating few months plus only used Avene's Soapless Gel Cleanser.

That's why decided to change back to Avene and see if my skin will get any improvement.

Avene "Cleanance" Soapless Gel Cleanser, it's under "Cleanance" Category so I tried out other similar Products from "Cleanance" Category too. :)
It's mostly under Oily Skin Category at AveneUSA.

I got actually a pretty small face so I only need this amount of Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser. Pad some water on your face first.

Although it says Soapless but there are still foams.

After washing your face with Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser, next I will use Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion,  it is a bit dry like other toners but this Purifying Lotion do helps. So after using it you need a moisturizer.

Bottom of the bottle you can see a layer of powdery milky substances.

Shake it!

Use Cotton Pad and pour out about the amount same like you use Toner everytime, and pad it on your face.

Avene "Cleanance" Anti-shine Regulating Lotion, I totally love it. It suits my oily inner skin. I can't use any types of moisturizing cream but this is just great for me it controls my skin's oil too. Oil-Free! Woo.. but it's pretty small I think very soon this will finish up quickly, and I need to buy new 1 again~

Small tube T_T My skin does not allow me to use moisturizing cream because they are so oily and clog my pores, my face became very hot, pores can't breathe.

Use Avene Anti-shine Regulating Lotion after using Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion, looks white cream but it absorbs to my skin quickly and dries up not oily for me.

Yay for me, no more peel off dry skin outside and oily clogged pores inside my skin.
I will continue to try out other products of Avene when I get better.
But now has already improved  alot just only 1 week I see the differences.

Is it suitable for all Skin Types?
I dare not to say all because I am not a Skin Doctor and for sensitive skin like mine you can try it out, ask for samples first. But Avene is specially made for sensitive Skin.

Avene product of?
Made in France, I am more suitable for skincare products made in France.

Where to buy Avene?
If you are at Singapore you can see Avene anywhere.
Watson's or Guardian, they are having 20% Discount now. Salesgirls are very nice if you ask them they are willing to give samples. Especially West Mall's Watson's Promoter, she's very friendly.

Overseas you can check at AveneUSA, AveneUK, AveneNZ, AveneAU etc.

First time users.
For first time users you will think it does not helps because if you have not used any Soapless Cleanser before you might think that it's not clean enough. I got the feeling before when I used it for the first time. It is for sensitive skin, if you got normal skin and found suitable facial cleanser I think you don't need to try anymore hehe... If you are curious just try to ask for samples. :)

How Often do I use it?
I use it everyday, Morning and Night. It has became my New Daily Basic Skincare Routine.
All the 3 Steps.

Why I discontinue using it during my Teenage Break-Out?
I feel that I've recovered so I changed to other cleansing products, at that time I don't understand how important for my sensitive skin to use suitable products. I thought I can use other products and listens to who says this is good that is better. End up Ouch my skin is hurted I did not took great care of my skin, until now I realized how important it is especially in a few more years time I am going to be 30. Time to take great care, before it is too late.

Other Recommendations of Avene Products?
I am still exploring how far I can go for Avene of other products, I will love to buy and try their Avene Purifying Mask when I pass by Watson's again.

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