A Little Bad + Good Day

A Little Bad Day for me, my family and friends. We were grabbing a quick Lunch at Carl's Jr, when we were finishing our food someone "Fast Food Restaurant Manager" out of nowhere demanded us to change seats right away, we still don't know what's wrong and say, "we are finishing our food already". Omg we sounded like obedient kids answering back, but after that she just looked at her watch and say our ceiling is leaking and someone is going to repair it now. +_+?

If really is they should have surrounded the area to avoiding customers from sitting there. It's really not polite to ask customers suddenly change seat for nothing and where's the repairman? I am not really angry but just not a very nice way to tell customers, and giving us a "unhappy attitude". We are already finishing our food can leave immediately -.- Duh.... Still don't understand simple english.

Jurong Point's Carl's Jr.

The Ceiling is really high if there's no sign of Ceiling's leaking who knows... 
Just a Wet Floor Caution Sign with a Pail, if not taking Pics I won't know what's happening.
Just ask customers not with attitude will do, as simple as "ABC"... +_+~

Good Day for me is this Bag and Sandal I found haha, Blue Polka Dot bag I can't help it just a glance and I wanna take you home. And the flowery sandal so flower... Weee~

This Bag shop they sell some clothes too, I think looks like some little stores you see at Bugis Village they sell alike items, but not sure what exactly the shop name is. 

The sandals ok it's only SG$15 I saw it at Rubi Shoes? It's same as that 2 shoes I saw yesterday I bought from CottonOn. There's more designs at their other shoe+accessory store.

After walking around the Shopping Mall at Jurong Point, left me and my friend, my parents already went home, our legs are getting tired so went to have a cup of Ice Cream at Swensen's each.

I'm eating Nutty Mighty and my lovely friend Merri-Mint!
Mine got lots of nuts in it, Macadamia my favorite hehe...

Earlier we went church & saw our lovely sister's Nails haha kawaii, Polka Dots my favorite.

The 3 Little Piggies.

Picture of the day goes to BeiX2!

  I left few more days to shop, I still can't find any suitable casual T-Shirts >.<

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  1. Ughh how rude =.=

    I love your bag, can never resist polka dotted items haha~

  2. Hehe Babe me too polka dots <3

  3. Wow, what a rude behaviour o_O

    The nail art is SO cute, I'm way too impatient to do any kind of nail art, I only polish my finger nails and that's it haha

  4. Hehe Hun <3

    Yep that's pretty rude =(
    Maybe if you do nail art will be super fabulous!
    Haha can't wait to see that.

    I got some problems commenting your new posts in intensedebate keep getting error message.