Best Lychee Drink at TWG Tea

TWG The Finest Teas of the World everyone that familiarly have knowledge of, produces one of the Best Lychee Drink ever. Dulcet Rose found at the TWG's menu "Tea Cocktails & Mocktails", Dulcet Rose mocktail of Lychee juice and Bain De Roses Tea have such a calming effect accompanied the rightful amount of sweetness. Dulcet Rose perfect combination makes you taste a sudden teeny-weeny moment of magical.

Include a small touch of TWG's macarons to go with the Dulcet Rose.

TWG Tea at ION 
Orchard  ION Orchard 
2 Orchard Turn 
Singapore 238801 

Tel: + 65 6735 1837 
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday, 10 am - 10 pm

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Best Curry Udon Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin Singapore

The Best Japanese Udon I enjoyed most in Singapore is at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin Ion Orchard. You may see it's just a normal bowl of Udon why do I talk so much about it? Because I love Udons more than Ramen, if you know me well I am a thick noodle fan! Today I am not raving about their specialty Tonkatsu which I love it so much too, just strictly Udon.

Whenever I wanted something more light, I will go for the Kake Udon which will less pressure my precious stomach and have smoother digestion.

One of my all-time favorite, the Ebi Fried Curry Udon. The Udon just perfectly matches the enormous amount of curry gravy. At least satisfies my udon cravings for the time being, which in my own opinion I missed Waraku's Cream Udon.

Cheese Pork Fillet Katsu as my sides are not recommended, they were abit tasteless even with cheese.

Whenever you come add an egg to go with any main dish you order, the ni-tamago(flavoured egg) never go wrong with anything.

Excuse my way of eating my Udons, an egg a day makes my day so satisfying just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Ciao I am to enjoy the chewiness of the thick fat Udon noodles~

2 Orchard Turn,
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Website: https://www.ginzabairin.sg

*Check out their website menu, no service charge include in the bill.

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